My Garden Lady

4. Alfresco living continues to be popular. Despite our unpredictable and inclement british weather we are embracing mediterranean living like never before. Outdoor entertaining and 'kitchen' areas will be more popular than ever, taking the strain out of our ever shrinking homes. Try creating a dedicated area within the garden with a firepit, or pizza oven, some comfy outdoor furniture and mood lighting to recreate this look. 

1. Growing your own continues to be a hot trend as it has been for the last few years. Veganism as a lifestyle choice is steadily growing, with a 360% increase in brits following this type of diet over the last growing your own veg and self sustainabilty has never been so essential as it is now!

If space is an issue, salad leaves, herbs and tomato plants can be grown in boxes as part of a potager. Crops such as runnerbeans, french beans, pea, squashes and pumpkins can be grown vertically saving much needed space.

5. Healing housepants - housepants are enjoyong a resurgence of popularity they have not had since the 970s, not simpy for aesthetic reasons, but for the health giving properties they impart to us. Air purifying qualities help plants such as aloe vera, placed in kitchens, to rid the area of toxic chemicals such as benzen which is contained within many cleannig products. Certain plants, sucg as Sanseveria (Motehr in Law's tongue) release bursts of oxygen through the sall hours enabling etter breathing and more satisfying sleep. indoor hanging plant containers are coming back with  abang, eseciallt terrariums supprtng exciting verdant plantings of succulents, bromeliafs and moss species. 

3. The Japanese art of 'Wabi Sabi'  - an exciting approach to garden design. Wabi Sabi has been practiced in Japan since the 15th century. It demonstrates an acceptance of the natural cycle of life - growth, decay and death. The key to practicing Wabi Sabi in the garden is balancing nature and nurture effectively, reflecting on the beauty of your garden's natural imperfections. Think moss covered stones, rusty gates, weathered pots and overgrown, established perennials for this look!


6. MIndfullness - something of a watchword for our times, this is the ancient Buddhist tradition of immersing yourself in the present moment.....something we all need to learn to do! This practice is set to have a strong influence over how we design and enjoy our garden spaces. 
Consider introducing Sense stimulating elements such as colour......calming blues and purples contrasting with energising citrus shades.....scent....provided by pots of fragrant herbs and the calming effect of water, provided by a simple water feature!

2. Pantone, those clever colour people have created the perfect pallete of hues to use in  the garden. 2018 sees the rise of the aptly named 'Verdure' pallete which features colours naturally found in lush vegetation - think berry-infused purple, red wood, eggshell blue and foliage green. introduce pops of colour with clay pits containing purple-hued herbs such as lavender, thai basil and rosemary. Consider giving any wooden furniture a new lease of life with a coat of eggshell blue to transform and give your garden a whole new look.