My brief for this lovely, existing garden area was to create a small self contained garden for an annexed dwelling, which is occupied by a relative of the owners.

The garden in which it is nestled, is one of my favourites.

Located in a beautiful naturalistic setting,  my brief was to create a small 'cottage' style garden in the lower block edged beds, and a culinary herb garden  in the raised timber bed.  The owners are all keen cooks so a constant supply was essential. The finished result is both pleasing and in keeping with the existing garden style. 

The timber raised bed companions a lower block constructed bed, which reflects the curve of the established pergola wall, effectively unifying the two elements. The site is sunny and open and the client has a love of 'cottage garden'  perennials.  I based the design on a row of Lavender 'Munstead',  which follows the curve of the house wall,  underplanted with Alchemilla mollis and Nepeta mussini 'Six Hill's Giant'.  low growing perennials such as Dianthus and Pulmonaria edge the front of a rose planting.

Detail of established herb planting - these raised beds sited in a sunny position offer the very best growing conditions with these, largely mediterranean varieties.

  Parsley, Sage, Thyme,Tarragon, Rosemary and Chives, as well as more unusual varieties such as Lovage, Sorrel and both Winter and Summer Savory provide for any culinary eventuality with the plants still producing usable growth right into the winter. 

Timber raised beds constructed by a local sub contractor offer a good use of space in this unusually shaped area. A curved stone  wall bisecting the existing patio and this new garden area offers an attractive contrast to the timber, as well as a warm backdrop to the bed, so facilitating good growth. The beds are used to support range of culinary herbs -  the extra drainage afforded by the raised bed combined with the very best topsoil available has resulted in possibly the best growing herbs I have seen in this climate.  Regular harvesting has been the key to the success of this planting too! 

My Garden Lady

Self Contained Annexe Garden, Seething, Norfolk