My Garden Lady

A permanent planting of  Allium 'Globe Sensation'  - Look how well they have done!

My Garden Lady offers a complete design service from initial consultation to presentation of completed plans. My plans place great emphasis on the need to create gardens that relate closely to the wishes of the client and ensure that the property and surrounding landscape are inextricably linked to the final design.
My philosophy focuses on the English garden style, placing importance on informal planting within a strong design, creating a sense of  'place' and  permanence.
I am strongly influenced by the female doyenne of garden design, Gertrude Jeckyll, and I share her passion for strong perennial planting in the Country Garden style. My designs focus on plants as the stars of the stage whilst strong landscaping features complement the completed plantings.
The Design Process is as follows:

This process usually begins with an initial free consultation.which tends to take between 30 to 60 minutes. I can  come to your home, by prior arrangement for a no obligation chat about your garden space and what you wold like from it.

This stage of the process requires me to carry out a full survey of your garden. An accurate survey plan is critical in order to plan the garden properly.  This plan is a basic outline of your garden space, its specific topography, the house, its orientation within the garden,  and garden boundaries. Any trees or permanent features which are to be retained are plotted. Any potential challenges are noted and possible solutions are noted where necessary.

All of the gardens I design are individual and tailored to the clients particular needs. After we have discussed your specific requirements and preferred styles for the garden space, and armed with the site survey, I then produce a concept plan which details all aspects of the design and will help you to visualise how your garden will look and feel. Suggestions are made of suitable materials for creating your garden. 
Please note: All of my designs are hand drawn. They are produced to scale and hand annotated, with 3D perspective sketches and elevations produced where relevant.

This plan is produced to detail all of the plants required for the completed garden - trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. The plan details plant cultivars, specific plant requirements, amounts required, and final flowering heights.


A full build specification for the garden can be produced, detailing the material and construction methods to be used.  Specific Construction Drawings can be provided for key elements such as: walls, steps, paving, pergolas or water.  The specification gives detailed instruction & information on quality and working methods required, while the construction drawings graphically illustrate exactly how things must be built. 

After these steps have been gone through a full design will be produced. Armed with this you can either construct the garden yourself​ or commission myself and my team of experienced contractors to build your perfect garden.

i have over 10 years of landscaping experience and many happy clients - hop on over to my projects page to see some of my completed gardens

Mouthwatering combination of Dahlias and annuals performed amazingly from May to first frosts

Frothy mix of Viola 'Columbine'  with Argyranthemum 'Sassy' makes for a classy table top planting!

Wrought Iron hazel walk emphasises axis down front path to front door.