My Garden Lady

Railtracks near Buxton, Aylsham, Norfolk

Winter treescape, Bure Valley, Aylsham, Norfolk

This page is dedicated to a blog about gardens, plants and nature in general. I'm a very keen walker and spend 90% of my time outdoors - when I'm not working, I'm walking and along the way I like to take photographs. I'm no expert photographer so please bear with me!

Icy fields near Keswick Mill, outside Norwich

Thursday 4th January

It's cold and miserable.....well not that cold but most definitely miserable! January must be the hardest month to be a gardener - Spring is still so far off and all thoughts turn away from the garden to inside the home, enhancing our surroundings and trying to keep warm.  Outside, though, so much is going on in the natural world - bulbs are already beginning to force their way through the frozen soil - all the birds are so active, and already they seem to be anticipating the mating season, which brings spring rushing up to us.

The trees are just magnificent - stripped bare of their leaves, but clad in straitjackets of ivy,  they stand silhouetted in their landscape - stark sentinels of the soil waiting and biding their time until spring arrives.  Look closer though and the twigs are beginning to bud up imperceptibly and soon the sticky buds of Chestnut or the blackened buds of Ash will unfurl and herald the new season. Only ten weeks to go!!!!!! hang on in there, guys and girls x

Icy fields at Keswick Mill

December shadows lengthening at Sheringham park

Artistic musings by Jerry Bowles